• Vegan

    Vegan & locally produced

  • Safe for intimate use

    Paraben-free & gently scented

  • Sugar cane packaging


  • pH balanced

    Dermatology tested

Designed for delicate skin

We’re most confident when we feel good in our skin, which is why our health, self-care and pleasure range is designed to support you on your journey of feelin’ good. 

We’ve carefully selected clean and natural ingredients that will help you feel ready to tackle the world. In our range you’ll find soothing and natural oils as well as dermatologically tested, natural ingredients suitable for all over use, but also ph balancced to protect your intimate biome. We only want the best for your most delicate skin. We want you to feel empowered - not only by our unapologetic packaging ( Self care should not be shamed), but also by our gentle ingredients list. So sprinkle that self-love around like confetti, and pamper that peach.

At Woo Woo, we pride ourselves on only using natural ingredients in our products

Guilt-Free Packaging

The packaging for our creams and balms are produced using a material made from the sugar cane plant, which is a renewable resource and can be recycled in household recycling. We also avoid using petrochemicals that are harmful to the planet.

Our wipes are 100% cellulose, meaning they are plastic free and biodegradable and can be safely flushed one at a time.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

It's super important that our products are as guilt-free as possible. From the ingredients to the packaging, we are are as natural as possible.

We are so proud that all of our products are vegan. We have developed all the products in the UK and always conform to the highest manufacturing standards.

We would never test on our furry friends.

Our Story

Developed in the UK six years ago for women by women, Woo Woo is the cult beauty brand of vegan, cruelty-free products which has won swathes of fans across Europe.

"I started Woo Woo to offer women a range of great products to help give them naked confidence. The collection is designed to help with all the niggles that stop you feeling your best, undressed...After all, being naked should be fun!!" Founder, Lucy Anderson