Edging - what is it, and what are the benefits to my sex life?

Edging - what is it, and what are the benefits to my sex life?

If there was a way to give yourself stronger orgasms that last longer, would you want to know?! Yup, we thought so. Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Edging'. You guys already know that we're committed to sharing nuggets of wisdom we may come across that will enhance your sex life, and overall wellbeing. As part of #SexEdSeptemberwithWooWoo, we've been sharing tips & tricks for using self-pleasure as a way to improve body confidence and self-esteem, as well as myth-busting and sharing some empowering messaging to show #PowerToTheWooWoo. Head over to our Instagram page @woowoo.fun for more on this!
Now, if you’ve yet to hear of edging, we're hoping that adding this simple technique into your sex life (whether it be alone or with a partner) will blow your mind! In the 1956 Journal of Sexual Medicine, James H. Semans introduced thestop-start methodas a way to help people last longer before reaching orgasm... a treatment for premature ejaculation. Now though, edging is recognised as a sexual technique for maintaining a high level of sexual arousal over an extended period, without reaching climax. It can make you better aware of your sexual responses, and adds an element of mindfulness into the bedroom.

According to Healthline, “edging (also called surfing, peaking, teasing, and more) is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm right when you’re on the cusp — the metaphorical “edge” right before you fall off the cliff into sexual climax”. Essentially, you stop sexual stimulation right before you reach the peak of orgasm, then you wait around 30 seconds, and then stimulate yourself again, repeating as many times as possible, until your orgasm cannot wait a second longer! 

In a world of instant gratification, when we want everything here and now, and not a second later, why on earth would we want to wait? Edging is a way to make solo and partnered play, fun and sexy. It’s a way of getting to know yourself, and understanding how your orgasms work. The excitement of the build-up, paired with the self-control to stop just before you orgasm puts you in the driving seat and makes self-pleasure interesting! We all know just how easy it is to get into a routine - whether it's getting too comfortable with your favourite toy or a go-to sex position. Finding ways to add some spice to your sex life can reignite your passion. 

Top tip

If you're experimenting with this technique, don’t be shy with the lubricant (as we say at WooWoo, #TheWetterTheBetter). Adding moisture will make friction irritation less likely which is pretty important if you're trying to last longer than 5 minutes, nobody wants the dreaded chafe! If you are prone to irritated skin, our Saddle Sore! Soothing Balm is ideal for keeping on your bedside table. Looking for a dreamy lubricant? Our Arousal Boosting Bliss Oil is infused with CBD and specifically designed for intimate use. It can also be used for an all-over sensual massage experience! It cannot be used with condoms, but it's perfect for a little 'me-time'.

So, what are the benefits?

Know your body
One of the main benefits of using the edging technique is developing a more in-depth relationship to your sexual arousal. The more knowledge you have on how your body works, the better experiences you can have sexually. When you understand the levels of your arousal and the changes it creates in your body, you can tell your partner or simply enjoy the power in knowing what makes you tick. Say hello to a deepened sexual self-awareness!

More intense orgasms
Building up erotic tension whether playing with yourself or your partner can make your orgasms feel stronger, and longer-lasting! Win-win!

If playing with a partner, edging can be an opportunity to create an exciting sexual experience; filled with teasing and a rollercoaster ride of pleasure! Once you and your partner are both comfortable with edging, you may wish to venture into the world of orgasm denial (a powerplay whereby an orgasm isn’t allowed). Of course when somebody tells you not to do something… what do you want to do?! This can lead to increased states of arousal.

If you try edging for the first time and find that you just couldn’t make yourself last - not to worry! Lots of people trying edging for the first time end up reaching the big O before they intended. Why is this? Well, orgasms are bloody brilliant, of course. It’s incredibly hard to turn away an orgasm when it’s right there! You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”, and there’s plenty of time for experimenting and getting your edging skills on point.
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