New Year, Same Boundaries...

New Year, Same Boundaries...

What are boundaries?!

Boundaries are considered the basic guidelines for how someone would like to be treated, you can have boundaries in SO many different ways, friendship boundaries, family boundaries, dating boundaries and relationship boundaries. 

These are essential for self esteem and mental health.

It can be really difficult to put boundaries in place, but trust us, if you do this earlier on.. It will make a big difference to how you navigate other relationships in your life. 

Setting Boundaries...

Waiting and putting off setting boundaries whether this is in dating or a relationship could actually come from a place of regret, resentment or blame; Addressing these at the beginning will come from more of a place of clarity and growth. It is super rare to make reference to your boundaries at the start of a relationship so if you make this a habit, be proud of yourself!!

When you start dating someone, you might feel nervous, you don’t know them and you do like them.. It is easily done to let your boundaries slide but if you do compromise you can let your sense of self erode and this is how you can end up losing yourself in a relationship (this can happen in dating & even a long term relationship) 

How to get to know your  boundaries...

If you are unsure of your boundaries you will know when something has been over stepped, as your emotions will be triggered and you unfortunately this will make you feel uncomfortable, but this can be a positive, now you know one or more of your boundaries and you can begin to make reference and communicate these. 

How to communicate if someone has your boundaries?

This can be tricky, but this is where you are putting yourself first and making reference to an overstepped mark is so positive and is a sign to yourself, you’re putting yourself first! 

Try this sentence

“When you ___ it makes feel like ___” 

Try and avoid saying “I hate it when you ____”

Do your best to communicate and maintain your boundaries and you will feel more respected, comfortable and confident in your relationships this year!

Lets have a happy and healthy 2022!

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