Non-Friction - why lube matters

Non-Friction - why lube matters


Ahhhh the joys of Lube! No, like, we really love Lube. Not only because it makes things feel THAT much better, but because it can increase levels of fun and comfort - both vital for a fulfilling sex life, no matter your age / gender / stage of life! When it comes to sex, the WooWoo saying goes: the wetter the better. If you think of Lube to help purely with vaginal dryness, it’s time to open your mind to the wonders that adding one simple thing to your sexual repertoire can do! Lube equals less friction, more pleasure, elevated arousal and smoother skin. 

Using a Lube that you love can improve your sexual experiences (both solo and partnered), whilst giving you the confidence to try new things. In our Using Lube Is Normal  blog we tackle some misconceptions, and let you know some reasons why the desired degree of moistness may not be able to be achieved without a little extra help - from stress, to alcohol and smoking to hormone levels and medication. There are so many factors that can impact your woo, which is why keeping your bedroom drawer stocked with woo-friendly essentials is important - you can never have too much choice! 

At WooWoo, we’ve developed two types of Lube for you and your woo to enjoy. We encourage you to try using them together (to take your pleasure to new levels). Our Pleasure Lube and Bliss Oil  are both ways of adding much-needed lubrication - but what are the differences, and why would you use both? 

Getting to grips with Lube = too much Lube is n.e.v.e.r. enough

Bliss Oil is oil-based (silky, luxurious) 
Pleasure Lube is water-based (slick and greaseless)
You can use Bliss Oil & Lube solo or with a partner
Both of our varieties are great with toys too! 
    Top tip: you could use Bliss Oil as a massage oil to heat things up, allowing it time to take effect - think of it as a precursor, a foreplay essential. If you’re looking to move from foreplay, our Lube is condom-safe!
    So, you can use both variants of Lube to enhance your Sex Life! 

    The key differences between Bliss Oil & Lube

    Bliss Oil is oil-based and Lube is water-based, so the consistencies of the textures vary. 

    The main difference is that our Pleasure Lube is condom-friendly, so a great all ‘rounder!
      Our Protect It! Range of condoms are vegan-friendly, 100% plant-based, spermicide free, glycerine/paraben free and made by women, for women! We want women to be able to purchase condoms without the embarrassment which is why ours are fun, pink, and have a cute cactus on them - there’s no need to hide our condoms under your groceries! They’re also designed with female pleasure in mind - choose from Sensitive feel / Ribbed / Ribs & Dots, and may the pleasure be all yours!

      Unsure which you’d prefer? Purchase a Party Pack! and try all 3 in one hit… try before you buy honey,

      We’ve got you covered for all of your Pleasure, Pamper & Protection needs - keep on top of all things WooWoo by heading to our social channels - you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. The right lubrication will have you feelin’ like once just isn’t enough - you deserve pleasure, and you deserve to enjoy the benefits of Lube. 

      For those of you wondering, you can only buy our WooWoo Bliss Oil from our online retailers - so head to Superdrug / FeelUnique / Ocado / Chemist Direct!