Single Series - How To Practise Safe Sex… Realistically 

Single Series - How To Practise Safe Sex… Realistically 

Let’s be honest, we all know things can happen in the heat of the moment.. But for our own safety and wellness, here are some top tips to remember to be safe, realistically.. 


First things first, always be prepared for yourself. I like to carry around WooWoo Party Pack, it is the perfect size, it includes variety and they’re fun. 

Carrying these around allows me to be prepared for myself (empowering af!) 

Whether that’s on a night out or a date, having them on your bedside table/bathroom, you never know when you will get lucky! 

I find, it makes sex more fluid, we need to learn to make condoms part of sex instead of acting like they interrupt sex.

Whether you are on contraceptives other than condoms, these are the only way you will be protected from STIs so don’t let the pill, excuses or anything else get in the way if practising safe sex is important to *YOU*



Communication is key when it comes to practising safe sex, everyone needs to be aware of who is on contraception and STIs statuses. 

I can totally understand how this could be a tough subject to bring up, but sex is one of the most intimate acts, so if you feel like you can let that person into that part of your life, why not just have the conversation, trust me.. It’ll be worth it in the long run. 

It is also sex etiquette for to ask about pregnancy contraception and whether you would like to use condoms, as we know.. Condoms/femidoms are the ONLY contraception that are going to keep you safe and protected from STI's.

Hook-up Culture

‘Realistically’ is a big word within this blog, a lot of hook-up culture these days, could happen after a few drinks, if you do find yourself in this situation and you are neither of you are prepared, or you are and an accident happens..

There are options - a lot of local pharmacies are stocked with the ‘Plan B’ or ‘morning after pill’, and also make sure to get yourself checked if you are having casual sex, but remember the two week STI gap. 

Be safe & communicate, have fun & good luck out there!!