VajayMay 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your Vagina

VajayMay 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your Vagina

From self-care tips to an anatomy lesson, we’ll be sharing our advice for taking care of your woo, featuring some go-to tips from Registered Adult Nurse and WooWoo on-hand-gynaecologist, Cheyenne Morgan 👏. 

Vulva or vagina?

A common misconception is that the vulva and vagina are the same thing, but we're here to clear this up with the help of @letstalkgynae - our on-hand Health Advisor for all things care down there!

The Vulva is the outer external sex organ of the female reproductive system.


  • Mons pubis - covered with pubic hair 
  • The labia majora - the 2 folds of skin which are the outer lips of the vulva 
  • The labia minora - the 2 inner folds that protect the urethra and vaginal opening 
  • The urethra opening - a tube that carries urine from out of the body 
  • The prepuce (clitoral hood) - the inner folds form a hood to protect the clitoris 
  • Clitoris gland - sensitive tissue that swells with blood when stimulated 
  • Vagina - connects the vulva to the cervix and is the carriageway for babies to exit through during birth 
  • Perineum - area between the Vulva genitals and anus which is where stool exits the body”

  • It’s important to know where the different parts of your vulva are so you know where to use feminine products - externally, not internally! Grab a mirror and take a good look! The better you know your woo, the better you’ll know your body 🙌.

    Image source: Teen Vouge

    A vagina should smell like…

    …a vagina! Hey, we get it - you do you! Some women like to use a non-scented wash, some like to use only water, some opt for a harsh scented shower gel (please opt for a pH balanced one like our Cleanses).

    “I do avoid using anything unnatural down there but I sometimes waft a bit of perfume around. I know it doesn’t make any sense but you do want to smell nice.” - Anon, 40-55 

    ^ This shows how we like to take care down there, we know that we should use something gentle but we also want to feel fresh!

    PSA: your vagina isn’t designed to smell like a spring meadow. It should generally have a mild, musky, but not unpleasant, scent. An overwhelming or strong smell can be a sign that something isn’t quite right down there, so seek advice from your GP as soon as possible and do not try to fix this yourself by over-cleaning or douching!

    It’s all about balance

    Your vagina’s pH balance is important to think about as throwing it off can lead to infections and irritation. However, did you know our vaginas are actually self-cleaning and don’t need washing? Our vulva, however, can be washed, but it’s essential that you don’t use any old body wash to do the job. Instead, a pH balanced wash will keep your woo feeling fresh all the while ensuring your vaginas pH balance is… well, balanced!

    “The pH balance in the vagina is known to be moderately acidic and helps to balance out the healthy bacteria that lives inside the vagina. If the pH balance changes due to an invasion of foreign bodies (bad bacteria) entering through the vaginal opening, this will disturb the natural pH balance of the good bacteria.”

    Choose from standalone products, or a range of bundles - either way, you woo will be well and truly pampered 💅.

    To shave, or not to shave?

    Do whatever you think is best for your woo! If you want it all off, go ahead! Bit of a trim? Sure! Keeping it 80s? Love it! Removing pubic hair does not affect the cleanliness of your woo as long as you make sure to use a pH balanced wash where you grow pubic hair.

    Shaving with a razor can cause ingrown hairs and rashes which can irritate your woo. So, if you do choose to remove any hair, we’d recommend our Tame It! Hair Removal Cream followed by our Saddle Sore Balm for a dolphin smooth finish 🐬.

    What else can I do for my woo?

    Make sure to only wash the exterior of your woo:

    “Feminine washes and wipes should be used around the vulva area and NOT inserted into the vagina. If you use a mirror down there, the first thing you will see is the glorious anatomy of your vulva - that’s the area to wash, cleanse and refresh when using feminine hygiene products.”

    Use the right type of underwear:

    “Swap your synthetic underwear for cotton underwear instead. Cotton is a breathable material that will allow the vagina to breathe. Also, try to avoid wearing tight-fitted clothing and swap them for loose clothing wherever possible.”

    Be safe sex savvy:

    “Remember to practice safe sex and always empty your bladder after having sexual intercourse to avoid unwanted infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis, UTI’s and thrush.”

    Smash the taboo

    There is no need to be embarrassed about feminine care. If you have an issue, always speak to your GP or gynaecologist about it. If whatever is going on isn’t normal for you, seek the info you need, and never be afraid to ask questions.


    You can follow Cheyenne at @letstalkgynae