Sexual Wellbeing & Intimate Health: What is STIQ Day?

Sexual Wellbeing & Intimate Health: What is STIQ Day?

So, today is STIQ Day! Now, you may be wondering what on earth this random assortment of letters with ‘day’ on the end is... well sis, we’re about to tell you all about it.

STIQ Day has been founded to raise awareness of important sexual health topics like getting people to get regular sexual health checks, and to emphasise the importance of wearing condoms! Let’s be honest, most people think condoms are a hindrance to gettin’ down to business. But, when you take into account protecting yourself from harmful STIs then ‘the mood changing’ is a little price to pay! Not to mention, you can get excited again as quickly as you wish! #TacticalHandJob  

So, why is STIQ Day on 14th January?
For good reason! This date is chosen because many common STIs such as Chlamydia take two weeks to be detectable, so if your party season happened to include unprotected sex, then you should be thinking about getting tested right about now! Let’s not forget that it’s one month to go before V-Day (cue the swipe rights). If you know you’re due a check-up, get it done before cupid sweeps you off your feet! If you’re hoping to spend 14th February gettin’ hot under the collar, then make sure you do so STI free - keep it real sista! 

Regardless of your age, whether you’re gay or straight, or if you’ve had one partner or 69 (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), just one unprotected session in the sack could put you at risk of catching an STI… and ain’t nobody got time for that!

At WooWoo, we’re totes into this initiative as sexual health is something that we truly care about. It has led us to develop our sexual health range, which includes our Protect It! Condoms. We were tired of seeing condoms only marketed to men, clinical-looking and in-fact exasperating the taboos. Lacklustre fem-care products are just not our vibe, and so we created WooWoo - something women could be proud to display, and relate with.



One thing we would like to tackle is the perception that carrying a condom is a ‘man's job’. Yes, there are some people (who we don’t f*ck with) who say a woman carrying a condom is ‘being too ready’... hell no! You put that condom in your purse girl, and take ownership of the need to protect yourself (from f*ckboys and STIs)! 

Bring some big clit energy to your sexual encounters and whip it out before he does. And, if he doesn’t fancy wearing a condom, have the lady balls to tell him… “you ain’t gettin nada without a sombrero on your cactus mate!”. 

Whether it’s your first rodeo or you’re a seasoned pro, the best sex a girl can practice is safe sex. So, if you hear things like ‘I’m too big’, ‘I won’t feel anything’ or ‘Trust me, I’m clean’, remember that you’re entitled to say a big, fat, NO

Looking for some WooWoo advice? We’ve got ya girl. Head over to our ‘What to say when he doesn’t wear a condom’ blog - there are some useful tips for when he’s pre-prepared a dictionary full of shite excuses for not wearing one. Condoms protect you from unplanned pregnancies (if you ain’t ready to be a baby momma) and sexually transmitted infections, so it really is a no brainer honey!

Getting a sexual health check is soooo easy and is something that shouldn’t be embarrassing or shamed. Let’s not beat around the bush; sex is a normal part of life, and so, sexual health checks should be to! 

For the full DL on visiting an STI clinic, head over to the NHS website. But we can assure you, it really isn’t as scary as it sounds...

As always, have fun, and have a safe ride! 

Love WooWoo x