Why Sex Gets Better With Age

Why Sex Gets Better With Age

Age is just a number ⌛

This article from Metro is only one from a series that aims to prove that “the date on your birth certificate means nothing” (3). Jacqueline talks first-hand about how keeping fit has enabled her to look incredible full stop, not just “for her age”. She shows that approaching 60 is irrelevant and that a happy, healthy lifestyle can be achieved, even throughout menopause. There is a high social expectation that women over a certain age should be “tucked away indoors in a twin set” (3), but Jacqueline defies all stereotypes and proves that age is quite literally just a number. It’s time to become more age-positive, ladies! 

Studies have also shown that sex gets better with age, so we took to Google and did a deep dive into ‘why’.

Great for Menopause 👀

Sex is a fun way to relieve meopausal symptoms. Not only can it improve sleep quality and overall health, studies have shown that penetrative sex can help with vaginal dryness - a symptom of menopause. Research shows that regular penetration of 2-3 times a week (with a partner or solo) can increase lubrication as well as the flexibility of the vagina. As a result, your libido can increase and make sex less painful (1). But, if you need an extra helping hand, our Lube is formulated with your woo in mind to keep things sliding smoothly.

Better for your health 🍎

A survey of people between the ages of 57 to 85 showed that the women had no health issues related to sex, and women who enjoyed sex were less likely to develop high blood pressure 5 years later (2). The survey results also suggested that women who have the best sex maybe have the best relationships, which can improve mental and physical health. So, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, make sex your apple 😆.

Worth the experience 💅

The more you get jiggy with it, the more experience you’ll have. If you’ve made love frequently over the years, you’ll find that you know your body better and be aware of what makes you feel good (which means better orgasms, ladies!) The experimentation phase will be gone and you’ll know exactly what you need to take your pleasure to the next level. 

However, if you’re thinking if your sex life can be stepped up a notch, speak to your partner and talk about changes you would like to make and things you would like to explore. These don’t need to be big changes. Start off small and see your sex life start to thrive once again! One change you could make features our Hemp Bliss Oil. Introduce massages in the bedroom and let your mind and body connect once again.

You’ll feel more free from those anxieties surrounding sex and realise that it really does get better as you age. And, if you ever need a helping hand in the bedroom department, we’ve always got you covered 😘.



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