WooWoo’s Helpful Guide to Lockdown Hair Hacks

WooWoo’s Helpful Guide to Lockdown Hair Hacks

Hello beautiful people! We hope you’re hanging on in there. We’re one day closer to the lockdown lift...

When lockdown was first announced, we wrote ourAt Home Beauty Hacksblog, and we hope it was useful: giving you some DIY fixes that you could try at home. We talked face masks, hair masks, gel manicures, hair removal and skincare - the easy, but practical solutions to feeling fabulous at home.

 BUT *cues violin*, now that Dominic Raab has announced that there will be no salons or beauticians open until 4th July at the very earliest, we thought it best to expand on our current list… to something a little more substantial. By now, your eyebrows may be looking a little less tamed - a little on the wild side so to speak. Your hair may be praying for the day your trusted hairdresser can give you a Princess Diaries style makeover (we all know the iconic scene). And, you may be wondering how your beautician is going to hack off your leg hair. 

We cannot wait for everybody’s fresh selfies (Instagram is gonna be lit), but for now, here is WooWoo’s Helpful Guide to Lockdown Hair Hacks! We’re talking you through hair cuts, hair dyes, hairstyles, brow maintenance, and hair removal. So, if good hair makes you feel like you can rule the world, this is the guide for you.

Let’s start with the big one: HAIRCUTS *shocked face*

Okay, so we do not recommend you take drastic action here, but under the circumstances, and since we know we won’t be paying a visit to our hairdressers for a while yet, here are some helpful videos. Our #1 tip is to do some research before you pick up your kitchen scissors and start hacking at your split ends. You may end up crying in the mirror with a large glass of vino with this approach. Our motto is always #BeSafe, and this includes haircuts during lockdown. Take precautions (AKA watch trusty YouTube videos).

Hairdressers Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair and Not Ruining It

This video has 2.7 million views already, and people in the comments reporting their haircuts turned out great! P.S. the Miss Mannequin chat is hilarious.

How to Trim your Own Fringe w/ Hairdresser

Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to have a go anyway, but this video is super helpful and talks you through the whole process… with a hairdresser.


Unintentional dragged root, not your vibe? Say no more.

Holly Willoughby revealed her secrets to saying goodbye to the dreaded root with her latest video. We have to admit, this looks super easy if you’re a blonde needing a root touch up. We also love that Holly is preaching patch test importance - yes Holly, we see you! Patch. Tests. Matter. Mama Still Got It uses Holly's Garnier colour range (her first time using a home kit, whilst hoping her video doesn’t make it to her hairdressers eyes), and the results are preetttty good for a box dye - minus her mini heart attack mid-video...

Sassy hairstyles for the supermarket aisles

We love the videos from CLJ Hair & Beauty. If you have long hair / extensions, we recommend watching this IGTV that features 4 quick and easy styles.

hair styles

f you have medium length hair, or curly hair, Phoebe Stallan’s video
with 5 easy hairstyles is a good one to watch!

If you’re thinking “I’ve got 99 problems, and getting my brows done solves 78 of them”, then keep on reading.

We all know the importance of brows - they can literally change the shape of your face! Vanita Parti MBE, CEO and founder of Blink Brow Bar told The Independent that she does not recommend trying tinting at home, largely due to the fact that you need to have an allergy test. However, if you really want to brave it, be sure to do the all-important patch test, and read the information before use. As we’ve mentioned previously, watching a video helps too. So, for an easy eyebrow tint at home, the £7 Eyelure Dybrow looks great, and was described as “Every woman’s must have”, on Amazon’s reviews. Here’s a video showing you exactly how you use the kit.

If you like the fluffy brow look, we recommend the 
Benefit Gimme Brow Gel - it adds colour and volume without needing to actually tint… win-win. And, to maintain your brow shape during lockdown, it is recommended that you tweeze little and often, as opposed to having one full sitting. Also, use a magnifying mirror whilst plucking, but ensuring you check the full brow sitch in a bigger mirror!

Legs and lady gardens as smooth as a dolphin’s nose (without the pain, hassle and on a budget)

Now, we couldn’t do a hair hack guide without dropping in our Tame It! Hair removal cream - AKA Amazon’s #1 intimate hair removal cream for women *drops mic*.
You can use our cream on your lady garden, bum, undercarriage, and legs for silky smooth results! We’ve had so many fabulous reviews from our customers to say that it has been a lockdown saviour, and most-importantly that they won’t be going back to razors or waxing. Hello money savings, and goodbye plastic. Did you know, the EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year?

We never beat around the bush. Be sure to patch test, and experiment with timings that work for you. Every person’s skin type and hair type is different, but we say anywhere from 3-10 minutes will do the trick. We wanted to know some helpful tips from our fans, so we asked our customers for tips using Tame It!.

Here are their real, and honest tips…

“I left it on for 8 minutes, then used the showerhead to get it off” - oooo cheeky
“I leave it on for 5-6 minutes and remove with a sponge. For any stubborn hairs I use my exfoliating gloves”
“I remove a tiny bit to see if the hairs come away, if not I leave it on a bit longer and then they all disappear like magic @dynamomagician on my lady garden”

    woo woo hair removal cream
    P.S. our fans have asked us about making bigger bottles… and we’ve listened. Our 100ml Tame It! tubes will be here on 25th July - thanksgiving for your bikini line.
    Be sure to keep an eye out on our social channels - we have more giveaways, virtual events and competitions up our sleeves (and they’re bigger and better than ever).