Do I want a relationship or is it just 'Cuffing Season'?

Do I want a relationship or is it just 'Cuffing Season'?

Getting “cuffed” might not be exactly what it sounds like… first of all let me set the scene, it's dark for the majority of the day, pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force, leaves EVERYWHERE.. Its cuffing season

e.g Autumn/Winter. 

What does the 'cuffing' mean?

Well in terms of relationships, this means being in one.. The term ‘cuffed’ is relative to where you make your relationships ‘exclusive’ or ‘official’ and at this  time of year that becomes more common.

If you have had a carefree summer and been enjoying the independence and suddenly you get hit with the ‘feels’ and an urge to get into something with someone.. This could be cuffing season causing this confusion, or.. You could actually be ready for one.

Cuffing season usually begins around the beginning of October and lasts until the end of march, incorporating valentines day of course. We aren't saying all cuffing season relationships only last this long but a recent Tinder study shows that 51% of generation Z were looking to get into a relationship in cuffing season, and 68% said they were still hopeful and looking forward to still meeting people over the autumn winter months! 

"Cuffing season happens during the autumn and winter months, where individuals have a strong desire to be in a monogamous relationship." says Dr Lori Brotto, a psychologist specialising in sexuality and a contributing expert to Coral. - Cosmopolitan

How do you know if you genuinely want a relationship or you’re getting caught up in ‘cuffing season’? 

We recommend communicating with your partner and discussing what you have been/are looking for from your relationship, this will give you both clarification on where you stand and whether your relationship will last. Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself do you really like this person or are you more interested in the idea of a relationship this time of year?

Communication is key, the same communication that you need to factor in the rest of the year to determine whether someone’s intentions are genuine are needed just as much now. Like I keep saying, communication is key but actions also speak louder than words, they are both just as important as each other, just make sure you’re getting what you deserve, and most importantly, DO NOT SETTLE

Here are some of our WooWoo girls and guys and their experiences with cuffing season.. 

"For the past 5 years I’ve been in a relationship and 2021 is my first single ‘cuffing season’, it definitely made me consider a relationship and whether i’d be ready for one, but I have good friends around me and even after a long summer of having all the fun, I still am not willing to get into something purely for ‘cuffing season’. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love love and romance, but until someone wants to give me everything.. I know I just always need to remember to put myself first, being part of WooWoo and the past year has definitely taught me that!!"
Millie, 24

"Do I want a boyfriend for the winter? Absolutely not. 
Do I want to be treated and spoiled, absolutely, but I can do that myself!

Take myself away on a autumnal staycation was one of the best things I did this year & 

Wrapping presents from me to me with a note to yourself to unwrap & spoil myself on Christmas Day.. with presents I actually want! 

I'm excited to drink as much alcohol as I want, and eat as many pigs in blankets as I want, continuing that carefree summer attitude into winter. 

Friends and family bring enough joy and fulfillment during the winter months, keep your nearest and dearest close, and focus on yourself! Spread the magic of self love."
Libby, 24

"I have personally never had a ‘proper’ relationship so this year, as cuffing season approached, I was keen to find this and I felt ready to take someone seriously. I've not had the confidence in the past but this year felt different.. Unfortunately, it didn’t go very well with the guy I ended up seeing and it wasn’t my time! 

I don’t mind because it ended up being a positive experience in the sense that it’s taught me what I won’t put up with in a man and what is bare minimum. Also I think it made me realise I might be too busy to put my all into something right now as this year has been full of changes and I'm still getting to know a new city I moved to and get fully invested in my career."
Jakob, 23

"Originally I didn’t think I was that bothered about getting in a relationship for winter, particularly as I have been mostly single for my adult life. However, speaking to my friends they do disagree and believe that I do typically like having a ‘winter girlfriend’ and tend to start to see someone around this time of year.

Do I want a girlfriend for Xmas? Not especially - but I do like being thoughtful towards someone, buying gifts and having someone to put in effort for, (and to spoil of course but it’s not really come to that before).  

However, thinking more into it, the notion of cuffing season for me is less about Xmas and more the time of year. As it gets darker and colder during the winter, there’s more time spent indoors and it’s at this time I like to do ‘couple things’. 

Particularly as almost all of my friends are coupled up, they are often busy and doing more ‘couple things’ which, if I’m honest, I sometimes envy.. With being more of an extrovert and relish social situations I do crave having that attention, I think subconsciously I get close with someone in winter to replace my friends and allow me to have that attention and fun as opposed to being in my own all the time (which maybe I have become too comfortable with). 

Coming out of winter it’s been very rare that those situations have continued into the spring, whether that's because the winter is over or because my feelings and intentions of that person have changed. But it does tend to be the same theme every year…"
Lewis, 26