Sex Toys You Should Gift Yourself This Christmas

Sex Toys You Should Gift Yourself This Christmas

We’re buzzing about Christmas in a different way this year… 😏 Yep, you guessed it - let’s talk about ✨sex toys✨.

Your hand has the ability to get you where you need, but have you thought about adding a little bit of spice? 👀 Sex toys are the gift that keeps on giving when all you want to do is receive 😉. They won’t get a cramp, become bored or not quite hit the spot as there is a toy out there guaranteed to satisfy.

Our WooWoo friends have a bunch to choose from, and believe us when we say we HIGHLY recommend these 🤭.


If you haven’t heard of Womanizer before, where have you been!? 😱 These guys have designed the ultimate toy for your clitoris that directs sensation straight to the source of female pleasure. No two people with vulvas have the same size clitoris, so Womanizer also provides two different sized heads with most of their products so everyone can experience their OH GOD YES moment.

WooWoo recommends

We’re loving the Premium 2, and completely get why Womanizer has titled it ‘the Prada of sex toys’ 💦. The Premium 2 has 14 intensity levels which are perfect for working your way up to a powerful orgasm (and who wouldn’t want that? 😩).

There’s also a choice of 5 different colours to choose from so you can match your vibrator to your nails if you so wish 💅, AND it’s silent, so no need for that awks conversation on Christmas morning about why you were “brushing your teeth” all night 😬 (if you know, you know).

For £169, the Premium 2 is a little higher end, but self-care down there is always worth it when it can make you hear colours 😂. (Psst… If you order now you can receive a FREE clitoris necklace. Wear your female pleasure with pride!).


Bondara is an online shop that sells a huuuuuge range of toys and sexy bits. From butt plugs to bondage tape, there’s something for everyone here. They also have a Christmas gift section so you can surprise your partner/bestie/sexually empowered neighbour with a present that’ll give the high notes in Silent Night a run for their money 😂. 

WooWoo recommends

The Naughty or Nice Paddle will have you questioning if you deserve to be on the nice list after all 🤭. Perfect for power-play, this paddle brands your skin, so be careful if you’re a little more secretive in case you don’t want people to know that you’ll be getting coal for Christmas 😈. If you know someone who’s excited for Santa in more ways than one, this gift is bound to make them ho-ho-HO 🎅.


So-divine is all about expressing sexuality loud and proud, and we can defo relate 👏. They do a lovely range of toys that are super aesthetically pleasing for bedside table Insta pics 😍. A lot of their toys also use a quiet motor so you can get yourself off in silence (just make sure to keep your vocal cords in check!) 😝

WooWoo recommends

You can’t beat an OG 🐰. This Kiss Kiss Rabbit Vibrator is the perfect gift for the gals that need a bit of double stimulation. It’s water-resistant and made of smooth silicone, so your bits will remain happy and hygienic no matter how wet it gets 🤭. With 10 functions, you’ll be reaching a new high in no time - bonus points from us if you can get to number 10 before you finish 🤯. For £59.99, you can’t go wrong with a classic that still looks classy 😎.

Let us know if you try out any of our recommendations. We’d LOVE to know your thoughts 😘. Don’t forget to lube up before you play too. We recommend our Slide It! Arousal Boosting Pleasure Lube as a stocking filler for ultimate comfort and added pleasure 💦. Or for a bit of added sensation, try our Hemp Bliss Oil that’ll help naturally lubricate you down-there 👀.

Stay saucy, and have a very merry Christmas!