Let sparks fly this Bonfire Night

Let sparks fly this Bonfire Night

If you don’t fancy paying £15 to stand in a cold field this Bonfire Night, then here’s an alternative method to experience fireworks. Forget all about 'no nut November'... masturbating is one of the funnest indoor activities you can do, and a mutual masturbation session could really bring the heat. Trust us, it’s a way better use of your hands on bonfire night than repeatedly taking them in and out of gloves to use your phone to find your friends in a crowd.

What is it?

Mutual masturbation is what it says on the tin, you pleasure yourself together. Your partner can watch, or they can touch themselves too, but keep your focus on your own pleasure. You can give each other a helping hand from time-to-time by adding in some kissing and stroking but the aim of the game remains the same – YOU. Watching someone in their element is guaranteed to let sparks fly and have you both saying ‘oooh’ and ‘aah’ all night long.

First time rodeo?

Doing something new in the bedroom can certainly be daunting (we weren’t all blessed with the confidence we deserve) however mutual masturbation is a great way to subtly show your partner the best method to make you explode like a rocket.
The first hurdle is feeling comfortable enough to do the deed itself. Masturbation for women has long been tied up with feelings of guilt and shame due to lack of education (we’re working on it) but the world is slowly waking up to the fact that girls are entitled to pleasure too. So first things first, get intimate with yourself. Get to know your bits, invest in a dildo, watch some ethical porn, talk to your girlfriends and make that kitty purr.
Next step – doing it in front of someone. Yes, you might feel vulnerable but that’s what makes it oh-so-intimate. Once you’re confident with your own DIY technique it’s time to strike a match to the fuse. Let your partner know it’s going down and invite them to watch. It might help you relax to get started on your own and invite them in as you start to hot up. Alternatively let them peek through the door. Don’t worry about what you look like or how you’re doing it (use a blindfold or start facing away from each other if you do) as your partner will definitely be going bang.
Once you’re in the zone you can add some heat. Instruct your partner to sit in front of you and slow talk him through what you’re doing. Or add some spice by imposing a touching ban. No matter how much they want to touch you, make them aware that they would be breaking the rules. You could even whip out your favourite vibrator to really show them how it’s done. For a big grand finale, try to reach orgasm at the same time.

Why we love it

Apart from the obvious benefits such as minimal physical effort, no risk of STIs and a guaranteed orgasm, the main reason we recommend mutual masturbation is that it doubles up as a sex-ed lesson. No-one knows their bits like you do and showing your partner exactly where you like the rabbit ears and exactly how fast to pump the dildo is a sure way to ensure that the technique rubs off on them for when it’s their turn to do it. You get to learn what your partner likes and vice versa – win-win!

What you need

‘The wetter the better!’ we say. There’s no such thing as too much lube when it come to masturbation (or penetration for that matter)! Our Slide It! Pleasure Enhancing Lube paired with our CBD Arousal Boosting Bliss Oil is a one way ticket to the o-zone! In the words of Miley Cyrus “a masturbate a day keeps the haters away”… just make it a double.