Spin class – why it’s worth the hype

Spin class – why it’s worth the hype

At WooWoo we’re all for doing things that make us feel good – whether that’s buying the latest Louis to grabbing your favourite matcha latte or of course, giving yourself a helping hand. You do you babe.
Now we’ve all heard of spin. It’s hailed by Hollywood celebs and worshipped by fitness fanatics alike, but just how good is it? We all have that friend who swears by it and has asked you on multiple occasions to join her at 6am (good one Becky) but the idea of an uber-fit instructor shouting at you to go up and down until sweat drips down of every region on your body just doesn’t appeal to everyone on a Saturday morning (unless it’s a different type of exercise you’re thinking of… in which case sign us up). In a room filled with tight lycra and chart hits… what are the possible benefits (beside a glimpse of some rather toned derrière)?

Say hello to endorphins

It’s no secret that exercise releases plenty of happy hormones – so hopping on a spin bike is a sure way to create a buzz! The spin class regulars will definitely talk your ear off about the rush they get leaving spin feeling like a sexy, athletic (sweaty) queen. The happy hormones we speak of (endorphins) increase your over all well-being and equip you to cope with pain, stress and depression much better so of all the things to be addicted to it’s not a bad one!

Say goodbye to lbs

You can burn around 400-600 calories in a spin class (depending on how much elbow grease you put in). Either way, that’s a pretty decent workout. Making it a regular thing can leave you feeling yourself.

Friends… spin class friends

Yep, say hello to a new group of people with whom you share a common interest that doesn’t involve prosecco. When joining the gym and attending your favourite classes, you become one of the regulars, put yourself out of your comfort zone and make some new friends thus growing in confidence and expanding your circle.

A full-body tone – what’s not to love?

Spinning targets all of the major muscle groups! From your core, to your calves and even your back… you can be sure you’re training your full body to cardiovascular health.  *Which also happens to be handy elsewhere*

Transferable skills? Add them to your CV

Your new spin skills can be handy in the bedroom. You’ve learnt some new cardio moves that’s got you feelin’ fitter and ready to show your partner you can go a little longer. Let’s be honest, the physical exertion of a spin class can train you to riding your way to big ‘O’ too! (We’re a fan of making exercise into sexercise – why not add some pleasure where you can? 😉).

Care down there *ouch*

If you’re a regular spinner, you’ll know that your crotch comes under fire in spin. The bouncing up and down really can begin to take its toll – we’re all for the workout but we need to look after our vaj-ay-jay when she’s had a tough time. We’ve created Saddle Sore! as both a preventative and a curative measure and our regular riders love it. Keep the chafe in check and cool down your bits pre and post spin, wax or ride. Purchase our Saddle Sore here we’ve got yo’ back girl (and your front)!