A Festival Guide For Your Vagina

A Festival Guide For Your Vagina

It’s August (already, how!?) and we are in the midst of festival season – a frenzy of groovy outfits, day drinking, questionable decisions and sharing a tent with that messy, sex-crazed bestie of yours. Between drunkenly bopping along to Idris Elba in Ibiza and screaming along to Kylie at Glasto we had a spare moment to compile some tips and tricks to ensure that you and your vagina have the best time this Summer. Keeping your pits and bits fresh isn’t always easy when you’re sleeping in a field and a great way to ensure you have everything you need is to assemble a little first-aid kit for your nether regions. What do I put in my kit you ask? We've got you covered, read on. 

Keep It Hyrdated

Of course, hydration is perhaps not the easiest thing to keep track of once the drinks start flowing but be smart and don’t make the mistake of hydrating yourself solely with tequila! A dehydrated vagina (yes it’s a thing) with an upset pH balance can become dry and itchy and in worst case scenarios can lead to a yeast infection. So stay hydrated and pack a refillable water bottle. They’re easy to carry, they save you time and money and they are great for the environment too!


Stay Fresh and Clean

Enough talk about H20 though; let’s get down and dirty! If there’s one thing you DO NOT want to forget, it’s wipes! Often at festivals you won’t want to shower, won’t want to queue to shower or won’t have a choice. While you may not feel as fresh and perky without a shower you can ensure your lady parts get the hygienic attention they need by picking up some pH balanced wipes (a nifty addition to your hand-bag even after your festival is long over!). pH balanced wipes are ideal for using down below (as well as anywhere else) because unlike normal face wipes they won’t upset the protective organisms that keep your vagina healthy. Give our nifty small pack of Cranberry Intimate Wipes a go (or our 20 pack if your bum bag can handle it). They contain cranberry extract which is known for preventing UTIs.


Keep the Chafe in Check

While you may have your wardrobe all sorted out and carefully planned for your festival, be sure to bring comfortable underwear (and enough pairs – accidents happen to the best of us and seemingly at the worst of times!). There’s nothing worse than tugging around on your pants all day because they’re too tight or itchy or give you a constant wedgie. Wearing the wrong fabrics are also a common cause of vaginal irritation, which if not dealt with accordingly can lead on to thrush or bacterial vaginosis – something you definitely want to avoid at a festival! 

As well as investing in comfortable knickers invest in some anti chafe ammunition! Our Saddle Sore is great to use both as a preventative and curative barrier to prevent chafing. Ever worn denim hot pants in the rain at a festival? Not ideal. If your thighs are in need of a loving touch (or your vagina for that matter… we know what goes on behind zipped tent doors) make sure you have some soothing balm packed in your kit.


Getting Busy

Rumpy pumpy in a tent ain’t all it’s cracked up to be – trust us. However, if you do find yourself in a drunken haze of lust and liberation and the ambience of a tent is your thing then by all means get going. But before you get swept of your wellies remember safety first. Condoms are essential! Romantic (we mean drunken) encounters can be hazy but that’s never an excuse to not use a condom. Catching an STI at a festival will not become a hilarious in joke of the weekend. Don’t get caught out and bring condoms with you! Our Protect It Party Pack features a selection of our natural latex condoms. They are discreet, small and ideal for carrying around so that the pleasure can be mutually all yours..


Auntie Flo

Perhaps the most dreaded situation that could occur whilst you’re mid mosh-pit is the unmentionable arrival of the crimson wave – especially if you’re thinking about sitting on someone’s shoulders in those hot pants. Don’t fret, for being on your period at a festival is far from the end of the world, and if have your bases covered, then it’ll all be a breeze.

Pack accordingly: Tampons, mini-pads, sanitary towels, panty liners – whatever your weapon of choice is, stock up! Chuck in some pain relief and maybe even a few treats for when those cravings kick in. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep the reds in and don’t want to pack jillions of tampons, maybe look into getting a moon-cup. Like your water bottle, they’re reusable and great for the environment, and you won’t have to keep facing the dreaded portaloos to change your pad or tampon!  Again, think wipes, they are ideal for all types of sticky situations. 



If you need to stock up your festival first aid kit for your dearly beloved then visit our shop! All of our products are packaged discreetly so you won’t be embarrassed if they are spotted in your bum bag. We’re also all natural we don’t use any nasty chemicals that might irritate you (a definite plus in festival surroundings). Look after your WooWoo all day and all night!